Grail Movement

In the 1920s, numerous groups began to strive to live in accordance with the teachings of Abd-ru-shin, as contained in his work In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message. There were so many of these free groupings that the need was finally recognised for organisation and common hours of worship. The Grail Movement was established to achieve unity amongst all who wished to embrace a way of life corresponding to Abd-ru-shin’s ideas of creation.

The Grail Movement is not a legal organisation. It is best understood as an umbrella term for all efforts, whether they are publications or lectures, to spread the knowledge of The Grail Message. The central activities of The Grail Movement include coordinating hours of worship, as well as the organisation of relaxed and informative events.

We regularly host lectures, discussion evenings, readings, seminars, concerts, art exhibitions, and even events for children. These activities offer an opportunity first and foremost to inform people about the ideas of The Grail Message, whilst also giving confirmed adherents a chance to exchange their personal thoughts and reflections.

Whilst Abd-ru-shin welcomed the development of the Grail Movement, he always refused to see himself as part of it, and he certainly did not want to be viewed as its leader. He wished to remain free in every way, and ties to the movement or leadership responsibilities would have significantly limited his freedom. Similarly, he never intended for his ideas to form the basis for a new religion. Rather, he believed that all individuals were responsible for reaching their own understanding of creation.

Abd-ru-shin intended to help every person to find a path to understanding God, the world, and their role in creation as an individual. It is a deeply personal decision to adopt The Grail Message, which is why adherents are never obliged to take part in the wider activities of The Grail Movement. Similarly, we never ask adherents about their membership of any religious communities, and becoming a confirmed adherent confirms no rights or obligations. We will always be a free, non-confessional community, just as Abd-ru-shin intended.

Across the world, there are currently over 35,000 confirmed Grail Movement adherents. In every country, The Grail Movement is recognised as a non-confessional community of conviction, with all adherents striving to live according to the knowledge contained within The Grail Message.


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